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Financial Service

Origo counts investment management, investment consultation, wealth management and more amongst its portfolio of financial services. With extensive investment experience and a talented team, we have previously worked in traditional sectors like overseas investment, real estate investment, equity investment, as well as alternative investment sectors including artwork, wine, Pu’er teas, and rare woods. In recent years Origo has kept a close watch on market trends and has continued to develop new products, always aiming to provide the best service for our valued customers and create an investment plan to continuously generate the highest possible returns.

We have a perfected system for investment research, decision making, and risk management with focus on customer service. We analyze macro trends, sector allocation, and integrate that analysis with our company’s strengths to create an ideal investment strategy. Through effective risk management, Origo has invested in many companies with the capacity to be leaders in their industry, with strong core competencies and continued revenue growth. In the past, our investment has trended towards the finance, culture, agriculture and real estate industries.

Having the right people for the job has always been a focus for Origo, and we have built and developed a team of talented individuals who possess the skill, knowledge and experience to stand out in this industry. From the initial project analysis, to its management and all the way to the conclusion of the project, we have the finance, legal, and accountancy experts to be there every step of the way. Our core management team possesses a wealth of experience in both investment management and team management, and an extensive professional network to tap into. Through professional management, organized operations, and stunning investment returns, Origo has continued to realize the continued growth of our portfolio and won the recognition of the market.




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