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Manor economy mode represents the trend of agricultural development in the future. With the rapid progress of China’s economy and gradual opening of rural land policy, commercial capital starts to focus more on seeking investment opportunities in rural area. Biological agricultural manor established by the company is located in a small town named Panggezhuang in Daxing District, Beijing. Covering an area of 18 acre, the manor deals with vegetable and fruit planting base, varieties of livestock and poultry breeding base, as well as fishing park, health and leisure center etc, integrating biological agricultural sightseeing and agricultural technology, test and promotion.

When selecting planting items, the company attaches the great importance to water-saving irrigation, water-fertilizer integration technology and greenhouse culture etc, positively responds to low-carbon life, produces and cultivates quality pollution-free green food based on the most advanced technology, the most innovative and applicable solutions, and promotes brand of Canglinshi.

The project offers a farm living experience including residence, farming, cultivating, fishing etc by means of agricultural manor, meeting the demand of city dwellers for slow life, and fully combines rural resort, agricultural sightseeing, and outskirts leisure. The company will constantly improve the manor service by adhering to concept of health, green and sustainable development, to meet individual demands of customers to the maximum extent.



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