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Consumer service

We should explore diversification and seek greater development. After Qian Yuanzhong made strong progress in the main business, with the strengthening of the company's strength, in the past two years, we have moderately carried out the exploration of diversification, exploiting the company's advantages in terms of capital, channels and talents, and expanding to consumer service industry. First, in the field of high-end beverage sales, beverages will be developed from drinking to cultural appreciation, investment and collection; second, customized services to provide one-stop ultimate enjoyment of life for the elite who focus on high-quality lifestyle. It is hoped that through diversified exploration, a new road will be opened for the further development and growth of the company.

We should adhere to the road of brand management and promote the sustained and healthy development of the company. Since its inception, it has been insisting on brand management, and has successively created a series of brands such as "Qian Yuan Zhonghe", "ORIGO Coffee", "Qian Yuan" and so on. The introduction of wine, coffee and tea professionals, high-quality equipment and instruments, the implementation of the entire line of quality supervision, so that product quality is effectively guaranteed. At the same time, give full play to the brand personality characteristics and inject strong vitality into high-quality products.


Qian Yuanzhong cooperated with Nanfengqi Winery in Las Productive Region of France to produce vintage red raisins. Tracking the whole process from grape harvesting, brewing to filling to ensure authentic French flavor. Creative design of personalized wine labels, the perfect integration of French wine and Chinese culture. Qian Yuanzhong collects world famous wines, such as Jayer, Romani Conti, Platos, Rafi, Lato, Mutong, BONNES-MARES and other famous wines from France, Burgundy, Bordeaux, America, Chile and Australia.


ORIGO Coffee combines multi-level tastes of fine coffee with all-round high-end customized coffee services to continuously upgrade the user experience of "fine coffee culture sharing" and "high-end and efficient customization services". According to the actual demands of customers, determine the scale and level of service. Based on the large data orientation analysis of target user population, the user preference module combination with high precision prediction is invoked, and the exclusive service scheme is formulated, which gives the brand-new definition of fine coffee more than drinking.

Qianyuan, adhering to the Founding Idea of "just for pure good tea", visits Pu'er Tea Mountain in spring and autumn every year. It selects high-quality ancient tea trees with deep roots and rich mineral content over one hundred years old, adheres to the original ecological and pollution-free product standards, and tracks and supervises the whole process from picking and making to packaging products. In order to bring back the mellow taste of ancient Alpine trees to the elite who pay attention to the high quality life style, they will lead the new fashion of Pu'er tea tasting, appreciating and collecting.



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