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Company News

Developing link with GAO Qun and his red porcelain

On September 20, our company was invited to participate in and granted sponsorship to founding conference of IAICS (International Association of I-Ching Studies) Traditional Culture Research Association and Red Porcelain Culture Summit Forum, jointly sponsored by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and IAICS, and held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing.

Nearly 100 attending guests including academic experts from Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences etc, and representatives of enterprises merrily gathered together to jointly discuss culture on yi and cultural connotation on red porcelain works made by GAO Qun.

After the conference, craft artist GAO Qun, ceramic art master FAN Yuqing from Shandong Province, researcher of oriental philosophy research office of Institute of Philosophy in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and doctoral supervisor SUN Jing, Yi research scholar SHEN Jian visited our company and happily chatted with leaders of our company.

GAO Qun:  craft artist, member of China Arts & Crafts Association, national youth fine craft artist, pen name: Bai Shi, learning drawing since childhood, majored in fine arts of Nanjing Normal University, and majored in ceramic of Suzhou Arts & Crafts Academy. In 2005, GAO Qun finished his course in senior research of Central Institute of Arts and Crafts. For many years, GAO Qun has learnt from  senior industrial artist LING Xigou, and Chinese ceramic art master LI Changhong.



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